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What We Do For Service-Based Businesses

At ABC Digital Marketing our goal is simple, bring our clients at least 1 new lead every day. We do this by employing a variety of performance marketing methods that include Social Media Ads, Google Ads, & Email Marketing. We also provide website design, social media management, graphic design, & SEO services to all our clients.

About Us

ABC Digital Marketing is digital marketing that focuses on lead generation for service-based businesses all around North America. Our clients have included dental clinics, printing companies, non-profits, landscaping/property maintenance companies, IT consultants, FinTech companies, auto mechanics, & barbershops. We have years of experience building our clients’ online presence, and bringing them new leads every day! We pride ourselves on making it easy (like as easy as learning your ABCs) for our clients to understand what we are doing for them and get consistent results.

The ABC Process


We Learn About Your Business

In this step, we work with you the business owner to understand your business. This is done through a free consultation that we offer, as well as industry/geographic research that we perform.


Custom Plan

In this step, we take all the information we learned about your business and create a custom plan that revolves around your business’s needs. Upon your approval, we implement this plan to start getting you new patients every day!



In this step, we will constantly be working with you to optimize and improve whatever your custom plan entails. Also, as technology changes, we will change with it. This means that you don’t have to worry about your digital marketing ever going obsolete.


Case Study

The Client

A Barbershop With Multiple Locations

Primary Goal:
Increase Customer Base

Secondary Goal:
Make Sure Everyone In Their City Knows
Who They Are

Our Strategy

  • A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign to start ranking higher for keywords such as “barber near me”, “barbershops”, & more.
  • A Google Ads Campaign to attract people already searching for barbershops and haircuts in their local area.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns to ensure that leads are nurtured and converted into customers. We also used email marketing to market to current customers in order to upsell them on services & products.
  • Facebook & Instagram Campaigns to attract new leads and build the barbershop brand around the city.

Results After 1 Year

  • 5,711 new people visited the website organically
  • $40,000 in ad spend
  • $673,380 of revenue generated*
  • $16.5* ROI
  • 679,362 people saw an ad on average of 4 times
  • 2 new locations opened

*based on a customer lifetime value of $348 (1 $29 haircut per month for a whole year)

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